Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potty Boot Camp: Day 8

Wow-A week ago I was posting an entry in tears and now I'm beaming with pride. Potty training has gone really, really great. The girls are doing so well in going to the potty all by themselves. I just can't believe they learned this so quickly and that I was so afraid life would be over as I knew it. We've been out of the house 4 times now with not a single accident either. Tomorrow I'm going to be really risky and take them to the square to romp in the leaves. We've been learning about how trees grow in our preschool lessons so now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the fall weather. If any of you are interested in the program I am using to potty train the twins please visit this website. I can't believe I have just blogged 4 times about potty training!! So just in case there’s one remaining reader who didn’t completely abandon ship after reading the word potty, or panties, or accidents in any of the posts, I won’t delve into it any deeper. Too bad you won't be seeing any more pictures like this floating around here.

Yes, things quickley fell apart around here after seeing this.

I'm glad to tell you we've cleaned up our act! Good thing you all have me to police these kinds of antics. It's hard work you know. I shall now take a deep breath for tommorow they will shout "Let the chaos ensue!"

Good night!


debby94 said...

Yea!!! What big girls! Adorable pictures. Doug actually had a "princess" pull-up on his head the other night!! Goofy husbands!

Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

ok... Fill us in! How is the potty training going?