Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Oliver

The chinobilly barn grew another 4 feet…4 very big, adorable, black feet. Our little lab pup is 11 weeks old and completely full of spunk yet very gentle. The girls are crazy about him ~ most of the time anyway.
Oliver joined our family on Sunday after our niece, Nettie, called us from Safeway. She told me that someone was selling lab puppies for $10.00 so I rushed down to Safeway as fast as legally possible to find the seller. Funny thing is that I sort of know the gal because she takes her kiddos to toddler story time at the library too. AND she has twins that are 8 months older than our twins! Since we sort of know each other she let me have one of the pups for free. *yay
Oli is going to the vet today for a complete physical and anything else the vet can dream up to suck what little money we have from our wallets. So I guess that $25 a week we were “saving” from no more weekly diaper trips will now be redistributed to pet care. Oh and for those of you breathing a sigh of relief about the lack of potty talk, think again, you might need to find a rock to crawl under for a while. *grin


Kris Mazy Fullmer said...


Jen Morse said...

What a little sweetie! He is soooo cute! I saw Matt today and he told me about him - and just when you thought you were all done with potty training! You are a brave girl, Jenn.

Amanda said...

OMGoodness, what a cutie pie!! Congrats on your new addition! :) P.S. I just love your blog design! :)

My Name Is MeatHead said...

I thought you named him Pesky Doug? Great pictures.