Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Potty Boot Camp Day 1

Today the chinobillies entered potty boot camp. The girls were issued big girl panties this morning after breakfast and all the diapers were removed from the house and the diaper bag. Considering this was the first day of being out of diapers the girls did really well although every single pair of underwear in the drawer has been soiled (no joke!)
Bree was off to a great start and made it to the potty every time until after her nap then she had only a few accidents. I think she was on an M&M and sticker high for most of the day. That type of reward system definitely works for her.
Poor Abby didn’t fair so well today. I’m fairly convinced that she is desensitized to being wet because wetting her panties didn’t seem to faze her. By the end of the day though she was feeling very defeated by all the praise Bree got and my heart is broken for her. I need to come up with something that will really speak her language. I would really love to see what you all think might help her.
I keep reminding myself this was our first day of potty boot camp and we are all learning something new. I will keep my chin up and do whatever it takes to see these girls to potty victory.
I plan on posting again every evening...that is if I don't collapse into bed first.

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debby94 said...

I was wondering how it was going. I look forward to reading the updates! I have no clue what might work for Abby. Sorry I'm not much help :( Did you really do away with all the diapers? You're brave!!