Monday, September 22, 2008

NASCART Bergamini Series Mini 300

Racecart enthusiasts braved the heat on this sunny September day to catch a glimpse of the NASCART (National Association for Silly Chinobillies of America Racing Toys) Bergamini Series Mini 300 at Toy Motor Speedway in Hickville. The speedway is sporting some fancy sidewalk chalk this season, let's hope these racers big and small can handle this complex track. They'll really need to know how to handle their carts!

Driver #2 Little Miss Lugnut verifies the track while her cart is getting some last minute tuning from pit manager Guido the Lamb.

Men step aside! Women like the "fast and furious" too! Just look at these little gals taunting Driver #1 Big Daddy. He better be ready to put the pedal to the metal.

Racecart drives, start your engines!

And their off!

It would appear that Driver #3 Little Miss Octane is taking an early lead as they approach turn one.

Little Miss Octane is heading into the chute...

Yup, Big Daddy's pit crew is on pins and needles...

Ooooweee the drivers are definitely trading paint today. Now let's just play nice ladies and Big Daddy!

Little Miss Lugnut takes the lead, the crowd goes wild!

But Little Miss Lugnut takes a break from burning rubber for some high-fives during the NASCART Bergamini Series Mini 300. It's nice to know that these speed demon's aren't too hasty to "race" past their admirers.

Those carts … err blobs … sure are cruising!

The suspense is killing me!

Who will take it all?

I'm getting dizzy...

Little Miss Octane is cruisin' to victory lane...

I could hear Bid Daddy teaching his future NASCART devotees the "lingo" that went something like this..."The car checked out fine in the dyno, but it might not make any difference with the bear grease on the track. Throw in some dirty air, and all you can do is hope the scuffs and 200 mph tape will help the machine run flat-out.''

Mommy rolling her eyes to Big Daddy after the race: Lord have mercy, don't you think we should at least dress the child in more than a purse on her arm before her next big race?

Happy Monday everybody!


debby94 said...

How funny!!!! I must say, I think this is the BEST post I have ever seen!! I love it:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn - I'm glad to see all is going well w/you guys. We miss you! You must have so much fun in your house with the twins and the "big" kid. We love you guys! The Mitchell's