Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy Bling Batman!

My sweetie peachy gave me quite a surprise last night when he got home. But let me first set the stage. It was a somewhat typical day at home with the girls. We played, we cleaned, we learned a few things, I chased them, they played with every single toy they own, I said no A LOT (they are 2 remember?)! I had just given the girls a bath when Matt called at 7:50 PM and I was done in. When I answered the phone I said in the most pathetic and pitiful voice I could muster "Please tell me you are coming home..." *whine, whine, whine. The poor guy had just put in a 13-hour day and I WHINE?!?!?!? What is wrong with me? When he arrived home the girls were excited to see him as usual and I was just going about the business of getting the house picked up and the girls ready for bed. Matt handed me a little box and said "maybe this will make you day a little better." I opened the box to find the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, aside from my wedding ring of course. I have loved this style for many years and I have often teased Matt about getting one for our 25th anniversary. Maybe by then we could afford such a luxury. But no, this gift came out of nowhere and he had this ring made especially for me. It's not my birthday, not our anniversary, not the obligatory Valentines Day. Just an ordinary day being married to the love of my life and best friend. The one who is so kind, and patient. The one who loves me even when I whine on the phone, when I have gained a few extra pounds or when dinner is a total bomb. Yeah, I am blessed!

Well hello, beautiful. Where have you been all my life?

Why, yes I think I shall wear you proudly upon my wrinkly, age-spotted hand.

He had the girls birthstones added around my birthstone. The ring is just so pretty! I suppose you can say that it is also a motivator to be a better wife and mother too. I'll get started on that right after staring at my pretty ring a bit longer.

Happy Friday y'all


Doug said...

I lost a ring just like that the other day! Can I have it back?

debby94 said...

Hey Jenn! LOVE your ring! What a great surprise. Matt is very thoughtful!

Love ya,