Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coming up for air

Whoa! It's been a long time since we last visited together. I hope you haven't forgotten us! This will be a long one so fix yourself a glass of ice-tea, get comfy and enjoy reading about our recent adventures.
Somehow life got a bit crazier since our last camping trip and everything has been somewhat of a blur. Let’s see…I think we went to a family reunion…I somewhat remember my niece staying with us for two weeks…Someone mentioned swimming lessons with the kids…It’s possible there was a strange pedicure incident during a trip to the mall…I have a feeling 48 people we like to call family swarmed our homed on the 4th of July and ate all of our hamburgers...There might have been a parade we attended…But I know for a fact I slid out of bed on Monday morning wondering how to start putting all the pieces back together. Getting things back in order hasn’t been all that bad though. I just finished shampooing the last section of carpet so I’m rewarding myself with a little blog time. The girls are back to their routine and we have been thoroughly enjoying one another. We’ve colored, we’ve played with play dough, we’ve jumped in puddles after the rain, we’ve done a bit of preschool each day this week (took 2 weeks off while my niece was here) and we’ve taken a walk each evening after supper. Here's the recap:
Family Reunion

The family reunion was nice. We specifically went to see Matt’s 97-year-old grandma. Isn't she beautiful?

We got to visit with some relatives too but mostly spent our time keeping the girls out of mischief. Lucky for us this family doesn’t go anywhere without a roping dummy.

Luke and Colten showing us how it's done

Dusty (my brother-in-law) on the right...yeah he's such a talker...:)

Bree, making friends with Leah, a cousin.

Spending two weeks with Sky was so great. The girls have bonded with her and miss her terribly. I enjoyed visiting with Sky and I truly appreciate her help with swim lessons. I think Abby & Bree especially loved the swim lessons. They ask to go to the pool almost every day.

The Pedicure

I endured; I mean enjoyed, no really I did, my very first pedicure while Sky was here too.What a blast! My dear friend Debby is about to be a mommy to 4 and instead of a baby shower we had a girls day out. We went to one of those places in the mall that have the funky massager chairs they make you sit in while they pick at, I mean massage, your feet. The chairs were supposed to help us relax but I think I got beat up instead so I just turned the blasted thing off and watched Deb drift off fully enjoying her massager chair. Then I ended up with Mr. Hansen because Sky thinks a guy touching her legs is freaky (after this experience I would have to concur). But he was so dang funny. Mr. Hansen is of course oriental, Korean to be exact. The gal next to me doing Deb’s pedicure asked us if we thought he looked like a handsome Korean movie star. So Mr. Hansen pipes up and says just call me “Mr. Handsome”. Sure Ok, if it means you won’t use any power tools on my toenails I’ll call you whatever you want “Mr. Handsome”. It just went down hill from there. He kept saying things like “are you sure you’ve never had a pedicure before?” and “For only fi dalla mo I can remove those calluses for you”. In my nervousness I announced that I was indeed a virgin and to keep those power tools to himself (a pedicure virgin - good grief people this is a family blog). Well it came out all wrong and “Mr. Handsome” was speechless and I was dying. My poor niece was probably embarrassed to be in my company and Debby’s water was about to break due to inconsolable laughter. Well after we got the virginity issue cleared up “Mr. Handsome” promised to never ever take a razor blade to my nasty calluses but I did get a punch card filled with 4 punches. You know those "suffer through 12 more of these babies and get the 13th free" cards? Yeah, I just might have to. Thanks for a great day Deb!

It's not a trophy "Mr Handsome"...
My poor embarrassed niece...
Debby, bustin' a gut, holding baby boy in and her niece Hailey in the background.
The 4th & The Parade
Matt and I hosted our final family BBQ for the year. While we were saying grace mom counted 48 people (all family). Family BBQ’s are awesome when you get to keep them all outside. It rained and rained and rained so one by one everyone came inside our little house. I think it was still fun. I’m not sure, as it was all a blur to me. Again, I spent my time either making sure all the food was out or keeping track of Abby and Bree. A few family members stuck it out for the fireworks but most, thank you Lord, went to watch the fireworks in town. Sorry, no pictures were taken of this event.
Matt and I took the girls to their very first 4th of July parade. We had a good time watching all the entries and visiting with Tanis. Nothing remarkable happened on this day either, sorry folks.
Well this post is getting really long so I’m going to sign off and go scrounge up some grub for the kids. Visit again soon!

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