Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girl meets Boy

OK- so first of all just ignore the fact that the following photos are glaringly awful and blurry. The lighting in the pseudo-banquet-room-turned-dance-hall was poor at best. It is certainly NOT the photographer’s fault!

Here is how the whole scene played out. The girls had found a pretty moth on a tree at the hotel and they would “check on it” every time they went outside. During one of their “visits” to the moth they met a strapping young lad who apparently loved moths, flowers and rain puddles as much as they did. Let’s just say Abby & Bree had fallen madly in love – head-over heals with aforementioned strapping young lad. The three hit it off very well and it was nice to see them actually playing with others (they don’t get out much). When it came time for dinner we had to go our separate ways due to assigned seating at the banquet and yes the tears rolled but they got over it once chocolate pudding was mentioned.

Later that evening it was time for the family dance.

From across the room Aubrey locked eyes on Cooper, a.k.a. strapping young lad and literally ran to his side of the dance floor.

It was obvious though that Cooper was playing the field and really didn’t have time for Aubrey at the moment.

After a little cat and mouse action they shared some groovy moves and had the whole family oohing and aahing at the cuteness of it all.

Aubrey was hearing wedding bells I just know it. Unfortunately, Cooper is actually her third cousin she’d just met for the first time. She doesn’t know this yet and will probably be crushed to know they can’t grow up and get married and cut a rug together the rest of their lives.

On second thought, distant cousins got married all the time in Gone With the Wind. How bad can it be?

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