Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My poor girl and Clams

I wanted to post this yesterday but my day sort of spun out of control and I never got around to it. I guess it's Aubrey's turn to have Pink Eye and my poor girl looked miserable. Today she is looking and feeling much better thanks to God's gift of pharmaceutical wonders. Bree definitely takes sickness of any kind differently than Abby. All I will say is that she is a bit more dramatic than Abby but she's a trooper non the less. I believe we picked up this nasty stuff from the local pool. I'm told it spreads quickly and a pool is a perfect environment for such nasty bacteria. *grr

Just look at her poor little chinobilly face. It's darling even with pink eye.

Our girls have really been enjoying our own version of preschool. Yesterday we didn't get to do our preschool until the afternoon but the kids did better than I thought they would. This week we are learning about ocean animals. Abby's favorite ocean animal is the shark and Bree likes the "pishies" (fishies). We did a little art project and made clams out of paper plates. I let the girls paint the plates, then we glued wiggly eyes on and I drew on a mouth. They were so proud of their creation that Bree said "Momma, pitches" and pointed to my camera. So I indulged my future scrapper and took some pictures of them.

It would appear that Abby wasn't very happy but truthfully I've been trying to teach her to look at the camera without doing the cheesy smile that you are all used to seeing. As you can tell we have a lot of work to do. And Bree, well she's just downright shy with the camera, but we are working on that too.

All right then, I'm off to drum up some fish nets so we can catch some fish-tub-toys this afternoons learning time.

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