Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

I think it is safe to say we have a very productive little peach tree in our yard. The fruit might be a bit small but each little fuzzy beauty is packed with peachy goodness!

Here is our tree looking half-naked and forlorn.
But earlier in the summer Matt had to prop up several of the fruit laden branches with support beams so our tree wouldn't collapse under the weight of so much fruit! Every evening our little family goes out to pick some fresh peaches for dessert. Uumm good! The summer heat has definitely ripened our crop so Matt and I picked our beautiful little peaches filling up 7 bags of the yummy fruit. We have also given away several bags to family and friends.
I can’t really explain why but I have been avoiding canning oh since I was 10! I remember summers where that is ALL my mom did in order to keep up with the bounty of food our family garden and orchard produced. She would even shooo my brother and I out of the kitchen for fear the pressure cooker might explode! However, I really enjoyed the yummy food mom “put up” for us, especially her applesauce. I just cringe at all the work that must go into the process. It’s another skill I don’t have on my domestic resume along with sewing, interior d├ęcor, and gardening. Canning is downright intimidating!

So here I sit with 7 bags of fruit knowing it will go to waste faster than my munchkins will be able to eat it. And I’m considering (mom I hope you are sitting down) all of the possibilities; sliced peaches, peach jelly, peach pie filling, peach sorbet. Oh the possibilities, oh the clean up, oh the work… The plus side would be that I know exactly what is going into the mouths of my family, it’s probably cheaper in the long run, I could take pride in doing something good for my family, no more wasted food, and I could add this wholesome skill set to my domestic resume…

Let me hear from you. Should I do the can-can too? Will I be so happy if I can-can? Can-can you share your favorite tried and true recipes with me? Maybe you can-can recommend some good websites or canning books. Sorry folks I don’t know what came over me. My fingers just took over and did the can-can on my keyboard! It won’t happen again. I promise.

So please comment here if you can-can. Shoot I did it again. Stop it already, just stop, move away from the keyboard.


JenMorse said...

Go for it and let me know how great everything turns out!! I am not a "canner" either and my Mom didn't do it either, so I am especially scared of trying it. But, our garden is doing pretty well this year and I know I should probably learn how! Anyway, as usual, I love your posts. You are a hoot!

Rhonda said...

Larry and I did some canning (Yes, the hubby helped!!!) when we lived in CA and had tons of fruit trees! We did regular canning and we made "freezer jam" out of our peaches and apricots. I remember it seemed easier than the regular canning process. Maybe you could google "freezer jam" and see! Like you said, canning is a lot of work, but the rewards from the "fruits of your labor"...Pardon the pun!!

Good Luck!