Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kool-Aid Play Dough

What do you do when a pretty little girl with big blue eyes tugs on your ratty ol' yoga pants and says "Mamma, can I pway wif pink pwaydough...stwaaaabewwwy kind..paweeeeease?" You make a fresh batch of strawberry kool-aid play dough that's what you do. And if you've been out in the hot noon-day sun pushing them on the swings for what seems like hours and hours you just might be delierous enough to let them help! But it will be so much fun and so very worth it to see them with the satisfaction of being helpers in the kitchen.

We make a new batch every three months or so unless one of the kids gets sick, then it goes right into the trash. I believe homemade play dough lasts much longer than store bought play dough and I like knowing that it won’t kill anybody if they do a little taste test now and then. I especially like the yummy smell the kool-aid flavor gives. The recipe I’m posting was shared in an Early Childhood Curriculum course I took while I was in college. So take a break and go make some playdough for the kids or grandkids. It's so'll be glad you did.

The cast of characters...snap your fingers...

And there ya have it! Yummy smelling pink playdough ready to go. (If only I could clean the kitchen that quickly.)


Charlie said...

How fun!So what wonderful imaginative things do the girls make with this play-dough!

Stephanie said...

So fun! You are like the queen of awesome recipes! Onion rings and now kool-aid dough. I am gonna have to try making some of this! It looks like alot of fun, even if Grace doesn't play with it, it would still be loads of fun to make. Hope you're all great!