Monday, April 6, 2009

Phoenix Zoo

Matt was on vacation last week so I took a little hiatus from blogging. It was a great week; we got a lot accomplished around the house (garden fence finished, painting in the living room finished, some cleaning, some yard work) and we still made time to go to the Phoenix zoo. We wanted to make sure we took the trip early in the year before it got too hot. We got lucky and chose a perfect day! We had a great time but if you ask Aubrey the trip was sort of a bust because she didn't get to see the bear with the claws (said in a very animated voice). She is a bit spoiled by our little zoo in our hometown because you can get about 2 feet away from the bear.

The train was by far their favorite thing. They've been hanging around their friend Ethan enough to appreciate trains.

Inside what Abby calls the "hopparoo".
Such a funny girl AND a popcorn hog!

No wait! The train ride wasn't by far their favorite thing it was the Carousal!

The girls were so tired....

But they perked up once the ride started!


Charlie said...

How Fun! I am glad the family had a great time.......The Carousel is always my favorite, to this day!
Love the pics.

Stephanie said...

After seeing the fun tram ride and talking to you about it, I am so going to try it next time we go down there! It was so nice to chat with you & I look forward to seeing you all soon!