Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter Day was also a great day spent with just a few of our loved ones. The kids got up early as usual so they were hopped up on sugar before 8:00 AM (get it? hopped up? ha!). They were so excited to get dressed up in thier pretty Easter dresses so that part was easy for once. Their Grammy, my mom, joined us for church so we got to snap a few photos of the kids with my mom. Didn't they turn out cute? After our mini photo shoot we went to Matt's parents church then came home to fix our part of the Easter potluck and to change out of our Easter outfits. Then we hurried off to Mema and Papas house for the rest of the day. We had a blast playing with the kids on the new swingset and sandpile. The lunch was outstanding as usual and I always eat too much. After lunch Mema shared the Easter story with the grandkids using the Resurrection Egg set (if you don't have a set I highly recommend it...even our two year olds love it). Then we did the big Easter Egg hunt and scavenger hunt. We didn't get home until after 8:00. The kids were so exhausted we just put 'em to bed dirt and all. It was a wonderful weekend!


Charlie said...

Lovely Easter! Jealous about the garden though; beautiful flowers! We have 3-6 inches of snow today!
Thank You for sharing the pics!

Stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures you take! The girls are adorable in their little dresses and squints in the sun! I am so glad it is finally warming up, sandbox season. Hope you are great!