Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid Stupid Wind

The wind just blew like crazy today. Did you know that wind makes children hyper? Yep, I saw it first hand when I worked at Dexter and now with my own children. I can't explain it but it does. My guess is it's because they have been cooped up in the house all day. Which is why I didn't know about the dirty little trick the wind played on my chinobilly greenhouse until around 7:30 this evening. My poor baby plants got tumbled all over our yard and now I don't really know what is what. Thank goodness my little greenhouse had a nice tight lid on it. I've tried to salvage as much as I can but I pretty much just replanted seeds into the jumbled pots. Stupid, stupid wind.

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Stephanie said...

I can totaly relate to your feeling towards the wind! It was wild wasn't it? I'm so sorry to hear about your pots and plants. That is a major bummer, but at least it was while they were still seedlings and not sprouting big roots. I'm sure they will come out just fine. Ok, not sure...but VERY hopeful! God bless ya'll!