Monday, March 23, 2009

In Memory

Last Tuesday I received a phone call that our family doctor, Daniel Earl, went home to the Lord. It has been difficult to deal with his passing since last month I nearly lost my dad to a heart attack (of which Dr Earl died of).
Dr Earl was more than a great doctor and friend to us, he was part of us, caring for us as if we were his own family. His passion for Christ was always evident in everything he did. When my kids went in for checkups it was more like a play date because he would get down on the floor and goof around with them. Needless to say the kids adored him! Dr Earl also helped me through my journey of infertility and always guided me back to my Lord and Savior for hope when I felt there was no hope. That's just how he lived his life; full of faith.
May I imitate his faith in life: pedalling and finishing well. He will be sorely missed!
Please pray for his wife and three children.

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Jen Morse said...

Reading this post made me cry all over again for him and his family. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel.