Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend Camping Trip

What a crazy, fun-filled weekend.

When we plan a trip with our friends Jen and Eric there is always visions of grandeur. You know things like extra long naps in the middle of the day; actually being able to have a conversation with someone taller than 32 inches; 3 square meals a day. Ahh can you feel it? It’s called relaxation…camping…Now snap out of it! Are you crazy? Oh yes, camping if my all-time favorite way to get away, however, it’s not so relaxing with two little squirm worms. Yet, oh so fun!

Here’s how the weekend shaped up. So we decided to all drive up together to see what kind of adventures we could drum up. We stumbled upon a new campsite that is so stinkin’ nice. Not too far off the beaten path but far enough to feel like you have checked out of the hustle and bustle for a day or two. The wind hushed through trees and our site was mostly shaded. And the smell of pine trees; ahhh!
This was only the 3rd time that Abby & Bree have not slept in their own bed at night so I would say that was our biggest challenge. Our little travel trailer (the girls call it a bus…don’t ask me why) barely held the four of us and the dog. We were hoping the twins could sleep on the twin bed but we don’t have a bed rail so that didn’t work. Friday night I ended up in the double bed with the girls while Matt squeezed onto the twin. Then Saturday night Matt again slept on the twin with Bree and I got the double bed with Abby (she squirms more). Neither night was very comfortable so we know we will need to get creative in sleeping arrangements the next time we camp. Can you tell I get a bit grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep?

Saturday was filled with a delicious breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon, potatoes, fresh fruit oh my) BB gun target practice, beers around the world, tree climbing, wagon pulling, horseshoe throwing, lots of munching (yummy “samiches” compliments of Ness,aka Jen W), a crackling campfire and a kiddie pool for the kiddies of course. That evening we went to visit my friend Susie and her family then headed to town to treat the boys to a Father’s Day dinner at Rod’s Steakhouse.

Now that we are home we are unpacking and thinking of our next adventure, this time headed in an Easterly direction for the Eminger-Gunn Family Reunion (Matt’s mom’s side). Maybe sleeping arrangements will be better in New Mexico. I’m so stinkin’ excited to bring our niece, Sky, home with us for a week or so too.

Ok Ok enough gabbing ~here are the pictures~ Enjoy!

The Three Stooges...and Scruffy getting a wagon ride...for the 543rd time!

Eric showing us his guns. Yes, I know I should have photoshoped this one. Just not enough time so move closer to the computer screen, and look to the right of the tree trunk.

The love of my life and my two munchkins ~ I mean miracles!

Aubrey having a splash in the pool.

Ethan ~ oh yeah, he's that cute!

Abby ~ with a very mischeivious grin.

Keeping cool and having fun together.

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