Monday, February 9, 2009

Of play dates, and friends and Chinese Noodle Salad

Last Wednesday I invited my friend Debby and her brood over for lunch and a play date. Debby and I have been friends forever ~ and my kids adore her kids, especially her daughter Alyssa. The weather was gorgeous, I have a bad case of spring fever, and the kids needed to burn off some energy so it sounded like a perfect day for something different. Let me just say we had a great time. The kids played together (can you hear the angels rejoicing?)
Yes, I have proof that they DID indeed PLAY together.
Levi was feeling a bit shy. Maybe because he was the only boy.
Well the playing together part only lasts so long with my dear girl Abby.
And Deb and I got to visit for 5 minutes before the kids became hungry. Then we made PB&J's for the kids and Deb and I had yummy Chinese Noodle Salad, a recipe that my friend Jen Morse gave to me. Then my friend Kris popped in and we all got to visit a bit longer while all the kids ran amuck. We had a total of 10 children in our backyard and there wasn't a singe fight or tear shed. Hallelujah! Pure bliss I tell you! Here is the recipe for the Chinese Noodle Salad ~ posted with permission. Enjoy!
PS. If you click on the picture you should be able to actually read the recipe or you can download your very own copy here! Thanks Jen Morse for sharing the yummy goodness!


debby94 said...

Yay! I loved that salad. What a great day that was!!

Teri said...

The Jen Morse? My ex-sister-in-law Jen Morse? How cool that you are friends!