Friday, February 13, 2009

16 years

Matt and I started dating ( in he asked me if I wanted to start dating if that wasn't what we had been doing since December of 1992 but ok...) on February 13, 1993. This song was sung at our wedding by our good friend and Matt's lifelong friend Keith Levin. The picture was taken 16 years ago in May of 1993. I loved my swimmers legs back then. Nothin' but muscle baby; 16 years later nothin' but cottage cheese.
That should weed out all the lurkers on this blog.
This post is dedicated to my one and only Sweety, Peachy, Pumpkin Pie.
I love you because you:
1) make me laugh
2) work hard to provide for me and the kids
3) always compliment my cooking
4) tell me I look beautiful, even when I don’t
5) support me in everything I do
6) take an interest in the things I enjoy
7) are a true gentleman
8) make it possible for me to stay home with the children
9) fix all the stuff that breaks
10) are always willing to make a chocolate run for me even if its 11:00 at night
11) are very very VERY patient
12) never complain when the house is a mess
13) understand when I don’t get the laundry done, and you run out of socks and underwear
14) changed your fair share of poopy diapers
15) tolerate me even though I am incredibly hard to live with
16) worry about my health and happiness
17) put my needs before your own
18) stick up for me
19) gave me the kind of life I always wanted
20) care about being a good father
21) love God
22) don’t gawk at other women
23) keep your heart at home
24) take pride in my accomplishments
25) are responsible with money, so I don’t have to worry about it
26) don’t spend all weekend watching sports
27) love your children and spend time with them
28) keep the yard looking beautiful at all times
29) dream big dreams with me
30) know what’s really important
31) aren’t afraid to cry in front of me
32) buy feminine products for me without complaint
33) taught me to love to play games with your family
34) like the way I make potato salad
35) are unbelievably smart and industrious
36) don’t know how handsome you are
37) listen to me when I rant and rave and complain
38) still take my breath away when you kiss me. After all these years.
39) still think my body is beautiful even though it’s not
40) hold my feet in your lap while we watch TV
41) think deeply about things
42) have a genuine desire to help people in need
43) willingly do the disgusting tasks, like picking up dog poo, and cleaning up the pukes when the kids get sick

44) still have boyish enthusiasm for things like monster movies and forts in the back yard
45) eat whatever I put in front of you, without comment or complaint
46) don’t allow the kids to be disrespectful of me
47) are kind to and considerate of my parents
48) make a real effort to be a person who pleases God
49) still give me butterflies in my stomach when you walk into a room
50) are the perfect husband for me

I love you baby and I'm so glad you are mine


debby94 said...

16!!! What an awesome post. Matt is a really good guy, isn't he? And you're a really good gal too!!

debby94 said...

P.S. The pastor who married Doug & I sang this song at our wedding!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sixteen years...You two are totally made for each other. Thanks for reminding me that there are ordinary things that I need to be grateful for my husband about.
I love the picture....