Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby it’s cold out side!

The Good Lord made yesterday just for Abby & Bree and most likely all children under 4 feet 2 inches. It was a day full of fun and adventure and new experiences…which lead to a very tired and grumpy mommy at the end of the day…but that is another post entirely. So did all you chinobillies enjoy the snow? I did…for 4 minutes…the girls did much-much better. (Josh, if you are reading this you might want to cover your eyes during this next segment. I know you get way more snow than we do up there in Washington and I hear you saying suck it up I do, I really do. As your older sister I say, give me some grace.)

Our back patio where just last week we were basking in the sun and enjoying 65 degree weather.

K- Josh you can open your eyes now! :)

MeMa came to the house to baby-sit while I went to the doctor in the morning. I was a bit worried about her coming to baby-sit for me due to the weather so I told the girls that MeMa might not be able to come. To which Abigail replied “No mama, she’s comin’; she weely (really) misses me”.

Then we were off to Mrs. Darlene’s story-time/Valentines party at the library. The girls had been living for this day since LAST Tuesday so we couldn’t miss it. I only slid through 1 stop sign trying to get them there thank goodness! What chaos, what fun, what a stressful hour, what memories! Mrs. Darlene sang songs, read stories; we played games, exchanged valentines, and ate Sugar Cookies.

The kids are about to sing songs.

The kids during Mrs. Darlene's story.


And more games...

And MORE games!

After the library fiasco, I mean party, I carted the kids home to build a snowman (as promised). Note to mothers be careful what you promise. You know that doctors appointment I just mentioned? Yeah it was a follow up appointment for a back injury from a couple of Sundays ago. And ok I forgot how heavy snow is. Hence the very poor engineering of our chinobilly snowman. While, I was trying to regain an upright position and not cry in front of the children I let them decorate the snowman. Didn’t they do a great job?

I’m questioning the placement of the pom-poms. Bree said they were for her boo-boos (which is what she calls her boobies). And the dish gloves are just in case she has to do the dishes. I’ll blame that one on her father and I promise I'll have a little talk with him on that one!

2 hours later the poor gals head fell off!



Abby making snow angels.

Dear Lord may I be so bold as to request for snow accumulation only on Saturdays and Sundays when daddy is home to build snowmen? I will be forever grateful. Amen.


debby94 said...

how cute! This really is a memory you will never forget!!

Jennifer Morse said...

I was so lucky that the snow came on a day when Keith was home. That way he got to be the one to take them out for snowball fights, fort building, etc... Love your sense of humor, girl! Hope your back is feeling better!