Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution # 39,776,849,872,663,655

One of my goals this year is to manage my home more efficiently. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be organized. It makes life a bit less stressful for me. So I decided my first step should be to reevaluate my daily routine as well as the kid’s routine. Ever since potty boot camp life sort of spun out of control and routine flew out the window.

Oh how I miss you routine, please come back, save me from insanity!

Below is the cleaning routine I have used for years and it works well for me. I plan on doing a little tweaking so that it fits into our daily routine a bit better now that we have children so “stay tuned” for an updated model. A quick Internet search will give you oh about a bazillion routines if you are looking for one. A website I have particularly enjoyed since discovering it this summer is Fly Lady. I will warn you there is a-l-o-t of information so go slow and don’t get overwhelmed. She talks about creating new habits and getting rid of the old negative voices we all hear in our heads. January’s habit is shining your sink, which is step one of her “program”. Try it you’ll be amazed.

My Schedule for Cleaning Tasks

I. Daily
Kitchen & Dining
1. Clear & wipe off table
2. Wash dishes & clean sink
3. Clear & wipe off counters
4. Wipe off any spills on stove
5. Sweep floor
6. Take out trash

B. Bathroom
1. Clean sink & wipe off toilet
2. Replace towels & washcloths

C. Bedroom
1. Make bed
2. Tidy up

D. Living Room
1. Tidy up

II. Weekly
A. Kitchen & Dining (Monday)
1. Clean refrigerator inside & out
2. Thoroughly wash range
3. Dust
4. Mop
5. Wipe out oven

B. Bathrooms (Tuesday)
1. Clean toilet bowl
2. Wash mirror
3. Mop
4. Launder bath mat & rug

C. Bedrooms (Wednesday)
1. Change sheets
2. Dust
3. Vacuum

D. Living Room (Thursday)
1. Dust
2. Vacuum
3. Clean Windows

E. Laundry Room (Saturday)
1. Sweep
2. Mop
3. Wash down washer/dryer/counter top

There is another blog I read and have read ever since I discovered the blog world. The woman is a SAHM, she home schools, makes her own bread, buttermilk, yogurt, and some kind of bizarre mushroom tea. She's read the Bible 18+ times; she works out for at least an hour every day. She makes everything from scratch, her house is immaculate, her children are brilliant. She loves her husband and children always and is never in an ill mood. She has JOY, darn it. What's the point of being in a bad mood? It doesn't help anyway.You get the picture? The very rosy picture?

For far longer than I'd like to admit, I’ve compared myself to this blogger and many other people in my life and held myself to ridiculous standards. One day, though, for whatever reason, it dawned on me: no one's life is that perfect. Blogging, for better or for worse, enables you to censor your life. Or, make it up entirely, for that matter. If I wanted to, I could make my life out to be peaches and cream. But whom would I be benefiting?

I don't delude myself into believing that I have dozens of readers who hang on my every word, nor do I fancy that anyone looks up to or aspires to be like me. But at the same time, I also know how very easy it is to read someones blog and think to yourself, "If she can do all that, why can't I?" I never want anyone to leave here feeling guilty or inadequate because of something I wrote.

So, in the interest of being open and honest, let me clear the air:

I keep a generally tidy, well-organized house.....but yesterday my bed didn't get made until after supper.

I love to cook homemade meals from scratch for my family....but some nights I'm lazy and serve frozen junk prepared in the microwave.

I love my children very much and wouldn't trade them for the world....but there are some days when I say, "I'm going to sell you to the gypsies!" and almost mean it.

I love my husband more than anything or anyone on earth....but if I have to hang up his jacket that he flung on the chair one more time, I'm going to strangle him with it.

I consider myself a basically happy person....but there are days when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Getting the idea? That's me. The real me. For better or for worse, I'm only human.

My bathtub is dirty, I may never home school the twins, I buy bread most of the time, I snap at my husband, and I yell at my kids. And right now I should be doing my dishes instead of blogging. I'm never going to be Super Mom or Super Wife and it's silly to try. I'm doing the best I can, with what the Lord has blessed me with. That's all I, or any of us, can do.
So that my friends is my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

I’m off to shine my sink! I hope you enjoy a little peak into my world of lists and routines.


Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

You are MY super-mom!!

debby94 said...

Wow! I haven't read all of your post yet, but it is inspiring and exhausting. I think the Fly Lady person came to MOPS one year...maybe I'm wrong. I'll check it out to see. I've got a baby crying so I must attend to him now!!

Jennifer Morse said...

You rock, girl! I can totally relate with everything that you would like to be and what you are REALLY like. And, I am so glad that you realized that you don't need to be like that other woman on the internet whose blog you read. She probably does make up the majority of it anyway!! BTW, I love reading your blog. You make me laugh and think all at the same time. You are good!