Monday, January 12, 2009

A Chinobilly's General Daily Schedule

So did you enjoy the peak into my world of lists and routines or did I send you running for the next county with your tail between your legs? For those of you who are still reading this…thank you AND here is the next sneaky peaky into my world.
It’s a schedule, yes a schedule.
THIS is how I get that list of cleaning tasks done while still spending time with the kiddos. I find that our home is a more peaceful, relaxed environment when all of us follow a routine.
By the way, Renee Swope had a great post on her blog this morning, called Becoming the Mom I Always wanted to Be, that really puts it all into perspective. Please take a minute to visit her blog.
A Chinobilly's General Daily Schedule
6:30 AM Rise & Shine Routine
7:00 AM Start laundry & morning kitchen be shared in another post
7:30 AM 8:00 AM Breakfast & Morning devotions with the kids
8:30 AM Help Kids get dressed/hair done/teeth brushed
9:00 AM Daily cleaning chores (Kids have free play time or help mom with chores)
10:00 AM Snack time
10:30 AM Preschool
11:30 AM Lunch Prep
12:00 PM Lunch
12:30 PM Outside Play or Free Play inside if weather is bad
1:30 PM Finish Cleaning chores/bible study/blog/scrap/read/relax (Kids Nap ~ thank you Jesus!)
3:30 PM Snack
4:00 PM Play with Kids/finish any preschool/crafts
5:00 PM Dinner Prep (kids like to help)
5:30 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Begin Evening Kitchen be shared in a later post (Kids Free Play)
6:30 PM Assist kids with their Cleanup chores
7:00 PM Prep Kids for bed
8:00 PM Put kids to bed/Finish evening chores/preschool prep/make to-do-list for next day
10:00 PM Bedtime
I want to clarify again that I don’t always get it right. I often fall into bed at night with my head spinning and asking myself, “Where did I go wrong today?” Like Renee I often find myself feeling like the kids are an interruption to my day. "It really helps me to think back to what life was like without them. That jolts my memory; making me thankful God gave them to me." What an amazing “interruption”. I am very aware of the fact that my children will only be little for a very very short season. And in comparison to the lists of tasks I have just shared with you my commitment to be a Godly wife and mother stands far above them all.

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