Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scrap Therapy

I got a bit of scrap therapy in last night. Ahhh I feel so much better! I am working on an 8x8 album that has pictures of all, well most, of the visitors we had after we brought the twins home. I think it will turn out really nice when it's all done. *10 years from now*
I had a bad case of mommy guilt though. Aubrey developed a fever yesterday. She had a fever of 101.4 when she got up in the morning. A dose of Tylenol worked so she was fever free for most of the day. Then the fever returned (101.8) after she got up from her second nap. I was really bummed that she wasn't feeling well and I would have to cancel my plans. When I called my parents to let them know they didn't need to come out my mom wouldn't hear of it. She needed her grand baby fix and they were coming out. My parents were so gracious in watching them for me so I could get my scrappin' fix. And this is one of the reason why we live close to family.
Thank you mom and dad! I needed that!

Aubrey seems to be feeling better today now Abby has a cold, a slimy, nasty, coughing cold. I guess going to Luke & Levi's birthday party is out of the question now; we'll see.

Will it ever end?

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