Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prayers ~ Happy Mother's Day ~ The Naked Truth

Please keep our little Aubrey in your prayers. She fell in the nursery at church this morning and hit the side of her head on a wall. She had no visible bumps and other than wanting her mommy and daddy seemed like she would be OK. We left church and headed home when Aubrey began to vomit all over herself and her car seat (you know how much I hate the pukes). She had us pretty scared! We made it home and she was feeling pretty sleepy but everything I had been taught told me not to let her sleep. I gave her a quick sponge bath, which she needed anyway, and that helped to wake her up. She seemed to be feeling better and was acting like her normal self. I spoke to a nurse from our pediatrician's office and she helped relieve my fears of a concussion so we didn't have to take her to the emergency room. I do however have to wake her every 4 hours for the next 2 nights so make sure she isn't showing signs of a concussion. This parenting gig scares the tar out of me sometimes...So anyway, please keep our angel in your prayers for a swift healing.

Happy Mother's Day!

We ended up having a great day with our extended family. Both of our parents came out for lunch along with my grandpa and Matt's grandma. We just enjoyed a quiet spring afternoon together with the girls.

Matt and the girls gave me a card, personally autographed by the kids, and my favorite bottle of perfume. I just love being their mom and that is the best gift of all. But a bottle of perfume is a great bonus!

Here's a shout out to all of you moms. Great job and God bless you always!

The Naked Truth
These girls of ours just crack me up. Potty training is quite possibly the most entertaining part of the kids day, yes we need to get out more, and I'm so glad my camera is almost always close by. This day in particular they had me in tears. I could hardly hold the camera steady to snap their shenanigans for you. I'm thinking that the competitiveness of the twins may aid in the potty training department at least and truthfully they are their greatest cheerleaders.

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