Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gettin' Crafty

I made a Get Well Survival Kit for Susie. It was so much fun! I decorated a paint can with scrapbook paper and ribbon then filled it up with all kinds of goodies to help her feel better. There are several Survival Kit websites but once you get the idea of what you can do the possibilities are endless and fun to personalize too!

Here is what I put in the can.
Hot Tamales ~ to remind that you will be feeling like One Hot Tamale very soon
Needle & thread ~ in case the stitches don’t hold
Life savers ~ to remind you that friends are here to help
Sudoku ~ to keep your mind tarp as a shack… oops, I mean sharp as a tack!
Starburst ~ when you need a burst of energy
Ball ~ to help you bounce back and keep you rolling on the road to recovery
Heart ~ to remind you that you are constantly in our minds and hearts
Tea bag ~ to help you relax
Redneck Jokes ~ Laughter is the best medicine.
Pack of seeds ~ to help you grow stronger
Caramels ~ to remind you that friends always stick together
Race car ~ for a speedy recovery
Clothes pins ~ to help you hang in there
Teddy bear ~ to help your pain be more bearable
Raisinets ~ for when your spirits need raisin
Real Simple Magazine ~ to help you “make life easier”
Hugs-n-Kisses ~ because we love you, love you, love you way beyond the end of the bag
Cake candle ~ for all the get well wishes
Rope ~ for when you get to the end of yours

Also~ I forgot to post these pictures on Sunday.
We did a family craft night and the girls LOVED it.

Matt and I decided that will definitely do more craft nights in the future... and the girls rejoiced!

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