Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easter Traditions

WOW! Easter is in a few weeks. Since it is the most important holiday of our faith I want to create Easter traditions that would emphasize Jesus as the real reason for the celebration.
Of course we will attend church, spend the day with family, participate in the family egg hunt (if the day is spent with Matt’s side of the family) but I want to create traditions that are unique and special to our family too. I want our girls to have fond memories of Easter that will reinforce God's great love and sacrifice for them.
As a child my family often did not attend church so the Easter Bunny was a big deal for us. I have fond memories of the Easter Bunny delivering our Easter baskets. He would use our dining table to display our beautiful and bountiful baskets. There was always a special gift from him too. The Easter Bunny would also hide the eggs we colored for him outside in the yard. My dilemma is incorporating this fond memory/tradition into our routine without it becoming the main attraction.
Here are some ideas I would also like to try:

* Read the Easter story to the kids, using a Resurrection figurine set or Resurrection eggs to recreate Jesus' resurrection (similar to how we use the nativity at Christmas to teach the kids about Jesus’ birth).
* Make Resurrection cookies. All the ingredients have a meaning and a scripture verse that you read as you go along. You turn the oven on ahead of time, and then when you put the cookies in the oven, you turn the oven off, and put a piece of tape on it to signify that Christ was sealed in the tomb. Then you go to bed and wait to see what you have in the morning! Here are some websites to guide you through the process. http://www.annieshomepage.com/resurrectioncookies.html; http://homehearth.virtualave.net/rescookie.html
* Spend and evening coloring eggs with the kids.

Do you and your family have any Easter traditions or suggestions you would like to share? Please feel free to post your comments here on the blog so we can all benefit from your family traditions or suggestions.


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