Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Friend Sooze

My friend Susie and I have a whole lot in common. First of all we both have Obsessive Scrapbook Disorder. It’s really a great disorder to have but the only cure is A LOT of therapy. Therapy works best when done with others who also have OSD. Susie has taught me so much, inspired my creativity, and caused more than enough "Susie Envy". :)
We also share the gift of adoption; she was adopted as a child and she and her husband Clint adopted a little boy six months before we adopted our twins. She, along with so many other friends, helped us get through the heartbreaking infertility phase, then the oh so long waiting phase, and the roller coaster adoption phase. God placed her in my life for this special reason I know.
But the yummiest commonality is we both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, dump cake. So it's no surprise that she made me my very own dump cake for my birthday with my favorite fruit, peaches. Yummy! Thanks so much Sooze.
Now, I think I’ll go dish up a plate of Peach Dump Cake and get some scrapbook therapy. Have a blessed week everyone!

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