Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Griswold “Will-amini” Family Vacation: Day 4

September 23, 2009
Old Town & Belmont Park
This is where the Griswold part of our vacation comes in.
We planned on going to Lego Land on this day. The kids were so stinkin' excited to finally get to ride a real roller coaster. WE were so excited to take the kids to a park that was geared toward the 4 foot and under crowd. The girls even woke us up at the crack of dawn, literally, to inform us that the sun was shining and we needed to get our lazy bones out of bed. There were churros to consume and photos to be taken and bathrooms to visit and fears to be conquered for goodness sake. So we loaded up the cars made our way to Carlsbad.
We arrived at Lego land approximately 45 minutes early in order to get the kids all sunscreened up and pottied. The parking lot looked like a ghost town so we knew something wasn't right. I of course begin to panic; thinking things like; It's a scam! We just lost a whole bunch of money on tickets that I purchased for all us on online; Am I having a very bad dream?...No in a very bad dream I would have forgotten to get dressed before entering Lego Land but I don't realize it until it's waaaaaay. tooooo. late. But that would explain the ghost town scenario...
Well the guys went to solve the mystery while I continue to try to keep it together and answer 8,937,851,098 questions coming from the pipsqueaks in the back seat AND devising a plan B so the day wouldn't be a total bust. The guys return shortly after I broke into a cold sweat only to inform us Lego Land was closed. The sign did say it was open but that was for the Sea Life Aquarium next door. Eric tried to console us by telling me he punched Wally in the nose for me and Matt said he knew he should have brought his gun. After they witnessed all the color drain from my face Matt informs us "but the park will re-open on Thursday". Well that's a fine how do ya do! Fortunately, I like to surround myself with emotionally stable, well rounded folks who are problem solvers. We all agreed we wouldn't let the day be a total bust. So we loaded up the cars again and went to Old Town San Diego to do some know...cultural stuff...that and drink the. best. margaritas. this side of Mazatlan.
Bree, Abby and Ethan hammin' it up in a covered wagon.
Cafe Coyote
We relaxed at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in San Diego. It's known for great margaritas and even better carnitas. It's fun to watch Tortilla Ladies make fresh tortillas “a mano” (by hand). We were serenaded by strolling Mariachi’s while we ate in the outdoor courtyard.
Abby got to shake her groove while the Mariachi’s played for us.

After lunch we went down to Mission Beach and set the kids loose at Belmont Park. They loved the boat ride, the submarine ride and best of all the carousel. Then it was back to our place for some pool action and dinner.

It turned out to be a great day even though this OCD chinobilly's plans didn't pan out.
Thank you Prozac! Over and Out!

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Ha! You are soooo funny & I LOVE that road sign!!