Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apples on the brain

I fell in love with a very cute apple caramel apple kit idea at Jessica Sprague's website last week. You can view the idea here but I'm warnin' ya'll will fall in love too. The scary thing is I had all the supplies needed to complete this project minus the treat box. Can you say ADDICT?
After a search of every craft store in town for the gable style treat box I settled for a different kind of treat box but I wasn't completely satisfied. The following day I was mindlessly surfing the net while the kids napped when I discovered this idea here and angels wept tears of joy. I immediately called my friend Debby and demanded asked her to get me a Sonic drink holder. It's the raging hormones kicking in and I'm gonna milk it for all its worth by golly. Debby feared for her life is such a sweet friend and promptly brought me a drink container that very evening. All I can say is don't mess with this Chinobilly Mamma!

In order to redeem our friendship I made this little darling for Debby.

I also made one for our neighbor friends. It turned out completely different but still way cute. Unfortunately the girls and I were so excited to give the gift to Annie and her family that I completely forgot to take pictures of that one. Just trust me is was adorable too.

Today I am going to be making miniature caramel apples with my friend Stephanie. Our kiddos are going to "help". I'm thinking I will use the not-so-perfect treat boxes I bought for this project.

Right after I check myself into crafty-apple rehab. Wish me luck as my Applemania symptoms are very acute. Apple officials say the bug will likely remain in my system during the months of September, October and November. Right up until the Christmas lights go up.


Stephanie said...

LOL!!! That is so cute! What a great idea. I may just use that craft idea and use your pictures for inspiration. Can't wait to partake in apple mania!

Kris Mazy said...


debby94 said...

Thank you again for the wonderful caramel apple kit! We all had a blast making them. You are so talented Jenn! How did the mini caramel apples turn out?

Jennifer Morse said...

Ummm, don't tell Jessica Sprague, but I think your kit is cuter!! Waaayyyy cuter!! (almost as cute as you, Jenn!)