Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Griswold “Will-amini” Family Vacation: Day 2

September 21, 2009

No San Diego vacation would be complete without a visit to Sea World right? We arrived before Sea World opened and left after Sea World closed!

Bree at Polar Bear exhibit

Abby...worried the Polar Bear was going to eat her...at Polar Bear exhibit. It's OK Abs the Polar Bear just had sea lion for breakfast and is now taking a nap. You're safe!

This walrus was a hoot!

It would swim around the tank spitting out and sucking in this little fish it was munching on.

Then he would swoop up the glass and terrify any unsuspecting person.

Daddy and Bree at the Pet show

Jen and "E" at the pet show

Abby & me...at the pet show...

Eric taught the kids how to say 1-2-3 Shampoo instead of Shamu. It is now one of Aubrey's favorite lines. She thinks it's hilarious.

Matt & Bree on an Elmo fish.
Matt & Abby on the Elmo eel.

Bree and "E" on the Elmo spinning saucers.
Abby and I feeding the Bat Rays.

We had so much fun that I didn't take too many pictures. I was having such a great time with the girls making memories and enjoying the day. That and somehow my camera dial got switched to Shutter Priority instead of Aperture Priority so 80% of the pictures I DID take turned out way too dark. Note to self... check, check and double check your camera every time you pick it up again or you will kick yourself at the end of the day.


outdoor.mom said...

your blog rocks!! oh very neat and i LOVE your swine flu joke. Hilarious!

debby94 said...

How fun! I didn't realize Seaworld had rides too. It's been sooooo long since I've been there!