Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dr Hinton would be proud

The girls are really getting the hang of imagination. I guess spending a few days in the woods with no TV will do that for a kid.
Today Bree was enjoying the fact that it was too hot for daddy to be outside for any length of time. Matt was trying to cool off and take a little rest on the couch when Bree brought out what we fondly call the Dr. Hinton kit (they L-O-V-E their pediatrician).

First she checks to "see if ya' have a hawt" (heart).

Uh-oh, daddy has a cough...tsk tsk

Now, let's see if he has a fever...
Oh dear this can't be good, he needs some "stwawbewy medicine".

Open wide...

Ok daddy this will only hurt a "wittle bit".
Daddy, your just not "gettin' any better, I'm gonna have to cut ya open to take the sick out"

"Twust me...I've done this before...I'm Dr. Hinton"

That's my girl...future MD!


debby94 said...

Sooooooo cute!!!!

Stephanie said...

What a cutie!! I love the glasses. How sweet are those pictures?! I love the cool borders around them. Maybe you could show me how to do that someday? Grace likes to inflict pain with her dr. set. It makes me a little nervous. :) Maybe she can be a dentist!

Charlie said...

What a doll! Better start saving for medical school!
Looks like you guys are having a great summer!