Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fairwell Stinkerbell

**Tissue Alert** For those of you who were blessed to know and love our sweet girl...

Bailee 12-3-96 to 6-18-09

Bailee our precious yellow lab lived a long, happy life. She was such a sweet, gentle, sensitive, loyal girl. She never complained and was a very patient friend. She brought a lot of joy to our lives even in her last days of old age.
Not wanting our sweet dog to suffer any longer, I had to make “the very difficult decision” on Thursday. One of the hardest decisions I pray I ever have to make.
I held her and loved her while the vet did the injections.
Just like that, it was over.
Our “Stinkerbell” was gone...
Now I have spent these past days with tears in my eyes, and wonderful memories in my heart. I miss her terribly already. It feels like there is a huge aching hole in my heart that she used to fill. No one could have asked for a more loving and loyal girl.
Thank you for being such a wonderful and faithful companion Bailee girl, we’ll always remember you.


Stephanie said...

Oh dear Jen. I am so sorry to hear that you had to make such a tough decision. I could hear the love and memories in your post and I know that she must have lived a very happy life with you and your family. I will pray for your pain to ease. Sending {hugs}.

Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

Jen!! We love you and know how hard it can be. Prayers coming your way.

SLVPLC Relay For Life said...

Dear Matt and Jen, So sorry to hear about Bailee. Our thoughts are with you.
Love and Hugs

debby94 said...

We will miss you Bailee! We love you. Jenn, please know if you ever need anything, I am here.