Monday, June 8, 2009

Chronicles of a chinobilly gardening wannabe: Part 4

Man do I have big plans, hopes and dreams for our garden. We planted the garden on the first of May, a little premature perhaps considering how cool it's been here lately. My great helpers lasted all of 3 and a half minutes before they got sidetracked by lizards teasing Oli. The nice thing about their short attention spans is that it meant they were out of my hair and I could plant in peace. Truly though they are great little helpers and the garden has been a joy a lot of work for all of us. The kids really love to help me weed and water the garden.
So in the past several weeks, I’ve been rambling about how this chinobilly gardening wannabe started a garden from scratch —preparing the soil, sprouting our plants, and now planting and caring for our new masterpiece. I treasured the garden so much as I watched it grow from nothing but a speck in our backyard to the prettiest garden I’ve ever seen. I’d ground even the dogs if they so much as thought about setting foot in it. But after The Great Strawberry Massacre One Sunday in 2009, as well as several stealing-more-than-one-unripe-strawberries-while-mommy-wasn’t-looking-episodes, and even a few plants suffered death by overwatering, I learned to roll with the punches and not take the whole dadgum thing so seriously.
So I hope all of you experienced vegetable gardeners got a kick out of watching these rookies chinobillies at work. I've enjoyed the journey too! You know where to find me…'til next time.

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Stephanie said...

Those pictures look so great! I am having so much fun gardening along with you, but I too have had to "adjust" my expectations. You definitely have a head start with the beautiful area you have dedicated to your little plants, and what a great thing to pass down to the girls, even if it is only in 3 minute intervals!