Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of Africa Trip

We took a trip to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park on May 6th (yes, I am that far behind on my posts).

Doesn't Matt look like his dad?

We conned invited Matt’s parents to spend the day with us. Truly, the kids are still talking about this trip. It was so amazing!
We started off on the Serengeti tour. It was a 45 minute Safari-like tour that felt like it lasted only 15 minutes. Each of us got a carrot when we boarded the bus. The tour guide drove the bus through the “Serengeti” where we got a personal introduction to Humphrey the camel, and the giraffe (can’t remember the poor guys name) who gave Matt a gentle slobbery, wet kiss. Awesome!
After the Serengeti tour we hopped on a trolley. The trolley took us on a tour of the Wildlife Preserve. We saw lions, tigers, wolves, hyenas, Boom-Boom the rhinoceros, a crocodile, grizzly bears and so many more critters. We got off the trolley at the lions habitat and walked the rest of the way at our leisure.

Matt wants the lions job...

The only disappointing part of our day was the meal we paid 46 bucks for (so NOT in our budget). I would highly recommend taking your own lunch or a 2nd mortgage.
Fortunately, we ended our day on a high from the Tiger Splash. We watched 2 tigers romp and play in the pool with their caretakers. It was so exciting even the kids sat still. Simply amazing…the sitting still part.
We needed another couple of hours to finish seeing the rest of the habitats but the kids were tuckered out after Tiger Splash so we took the trolley back to the entrance and headed for home.
It is a day I will treasure forever. Experiencing the wonder and excitement of two of the sweetest little chinobillies I know was so worth it. I’m tellin’ you it’s exactly the ideal place for two or four or six young whippersnappers to spend a day. So please, I beg of you; make the time to load the fam in the car and spend the day together ~ just pack your own lunch!

This is not a paid advertisement. Out of Africa Wildlife park has never heard of me. Out of Africa Wildlife park doesn’t even know I exist, and even if they did, they wouldn’t care. I’m a nobody to Out of Africa Wildlife park —just another fool that paid $46.00 for a sorry PB & J lunch. But dang we had a great day!


Charlie said...

You are so cute! You made us laugh with your post script...I think OoA should care who you are! Word of mouth is worth more than all the paid adverts....Well, okay, maybe they won't appreciate the comment about the lunch, but hey, they need to take the good with the bad! Glad you guys had a great time...That was one we never did get too.... :)

Stephanie said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! I think we will wait for some cooler weather though. Maybe in the fall. Thanks for the heads up on the packing your own lunch thing! I will definitely do that!