Monday, December 8, 2008

What Not To Wear Chinobilly Style:

A few weeks ago I confided to my friend Susie that I want (need) to start looking nicer for my husband. I think I might have slipped a bit too far into the pooped-out-stay-at-home-momma-don’t-care-anymore-look. Susie gladly (maybe a little too gladly) accepted the challenge of helping me out.
One Saturday she showed up at my house ready to raid my closet and do her own version of What Not To Wear: Chinobilly Style. After about an hour of plowing through my clothing and nine bags ready for Good Will later she left me with a weeks worth of clothing. Thank goodness for scrap therapy after that experience! *wink

Susie did promise to help me shop since y’all know how much I loathe clothes shopping. *cringe No really, I HATE, DETEST, ABHOR shopping for clothes. I’m just not model material, nope not at all. Susie on the other hand is “well-made”. She’s got boobs, and no hips…damn her! Hey, MY body’s voluptuous, TOO. It’s just that the voluptuous parts are all in the wrong place. I think the nice big bosom I was MEANT to have wound up on either side of my hips. I’m going to drop a complaint in the suggestion box.
Susie eventually had to drag me kicking and screaming out of the house to update the olchinobilly wardrobe. First stop ~ Applebee’s ~ to get me a little relaxed with a bit of alcohol and give me a full belly (do you think she is out to get me?). Then it was off to the dreaded clothing stores. I practically hyperventilated just walking into Old Navy. No Joke! That place is so…so…well…trendy. I am NOT trendy. That will never be an adjective used to describe me but I’m ok with that. And anyway, we bought one pair of pants. Not the success story I was hoping for. Third stop was Fashion Bug - I guess they were having a great sale - I wouldn't know. I’m in a state of shock by this time and I’m basically letting Sooz take the lead. We ended up spending about 2 hours there. I in the changing room, Susie, gathering anything she thought might work for me.

I’m happy to say we had success and I actually had a good time! Shh…don’t tell Susie I said that. I ended up with several items that I can mix and match and hopefully Matt won’t be ashamed to be seen with me anymore. That is…just as soon as I emerge from the hole into which I’m getting ready to crawl in order to avoid dealing with the whole what goes with what dilemma.
Thank you Susie, for helping me get a bit more fashion sense! You were so much fun to do this with. xoxoxoxo


debby94 said...

You are soooo funny Jenn! Sounds like a good time.

Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

ok... so that's A LOT of black clothes! Is Sooz having you mourn that you are a SAHM? You need a bright green or something in that group of clothes. Anyhow, I am so glad that sooz got you out and SHOPPING! You NEED to have Jen time more.