Monday, February 8, 2010

Playhouse Progress

Back in January, Matt decided it was high time the girls leave the nest. But babe they're only 3! I pleaded...and his hands flew in the air. They can't live with us forever darlin'. We gotta love 'em and let 'em go...

to the back yard anyway!

Seriously, if he had his way his babies wouldn't marry until they turned 39!

He NEEDS them, they NEED him!
The weather hasn't been so cooperative.

But that hasn't stopped him.
He worked on siding the little house over the weekend.
Rain or shine
He has worked hard.
And the smiles are worth it all!


debby94 said...

AWESOME! Those pictures are the cutest! I can't wait to come play in the playhouse!!

Stephanie said...

Wow! The house looks AMAZING! How great for the girls and any visiting friends ;) What a special memory for all of you. Great pictures!!!

Jen Morse said...

So, if my kids are acting up and driving me crazy, can I just have them come and live in your simply amazing, gorgeous, incredible playhouse for a few hours??? Actually, maybe I'll just send me there instead!! Sooo cute!!