Friday, February 12, 2010

Germ-in Chocolate Cake

Today is my daddy’s birthday. The girls have been fighting off the sniffles though so instead of doing our usual Friday run to town we decided to cuddle in mamma’s bed a bit this morning. We called my dad to sing him Happy Birthday and I asked him what kind of cake he would like me to make. After a bit of pondering he decided on German Chocolate Cake. Perfect! I thought. After lingering in the bed longer than usual, we made our way to the kitchen. I checked the cupboard for the cake mix and whatayaknow, no German Chocolate cake mix. Hmm, there is no way this Chinobilly is going to Safeway in her pink ducky pajammies for an overpriced cake mix. Uh uh! You may now Praise the Good Lord above for the internet. Trust me I wouldn’t have been a pretty sight. Anyway, I found Tricia Yearwood’s recipe for German Chocolate Cake and decided to go for it.

A good Southern gal like Tricia should now how to make a tasty German Chocolate Cake. A good Chinobilly like me knows how to make a lopsided cake.

I had all the ingredients except buttermilk; mine was
While making the cake with my sweet girls Bree asks, “Mommy- since I’m sick can I put the germ in the cake?” It took me a second but then I was laughing hysterically! Get it? Germ-in Chocolate Cake?

 She kills me!
Oh how I love this girl.

Oh my word this is an ugly cake, sorry dad, I can explain, really...


debby94 said...

That is the BEST! Hey, you should have called me. I have buttermilk. Just bought some a few days ago to make the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. And...I bet you looked adorable in your pink jammies and probably would've fit right in here in Chino!

Stephanie said...

That cake looks delicious and it is my Mom's favorite, so good to know where to find a good recipe. Also, I read that you can use regular milk for buttermilk, you just mix 1 tbs of lemon juice with 1 cup milk and let it sit 10 minutes. I do that cause I have never ever bought buttermilk. Great pics!

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah, those are great pics, Miss Pioneer Woman Cooks, Jr.!!! I'm sure the cake was yummy, even if it was lopsided. That is how mine always come out too!! I blame it on my oven.