Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Garden Friends and Foes

This Chinobilly has worked pretty dang hard on preparing and planting our garden –

only to have these annoying pests move in and destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build up. It seems that aphids can damage plants within a matter of hours and what they don’t consume the pesky grasshopper chomp away at the fruits of our labor. Aaaaahhh! No one wants to see their labor of love go down the drain by losing their plants to those icky pests who are shacking up in the garden.

Even our helpful friendly pals like ladybugs and spiders…the best bodyguards a Chinobilly garden could have aren’t able to combat this evil brood.
The aphids are so bad that even the recommended simple solution of anti-bacterial soap and water can’t combat them.

Well, maybe we’ll have better luck next year. For now I’ll try to nurse the remaining tomatoes through the rest of the season.


debby94 said...

Darn critters! That is so upsetting when you work so hard at something. Makes you wonder how the farmers do it for a living?

Stephanie said...

Oh wow. Those pesky aphids! I am so sorry that they attacked your beautiful garden. I am very impressed with how much food you DID get from your garden this year though.

Me? Not a single thing! 2 rows of onion, 2 rows of carrots and 3 canteloupe plants, and nothin'! I'm not whining (ok a little), but just saying, you must have a green thumb to get something out of your garden!