Friday, April 18, 2008

Did I sign up for THIS?!?!?

Sorry for the lack of "photo posts" lately. This has been a very difficult week for all of us. We have been sick with chest colds/allergies ( no one really seems to know) since Monday. I have no voice, which the children LOVE, my throat is killing me and I'm exhausted. Today started out with the girls emptying the entire contents of their dresser (which I had neatly organized and refolded for the 100th time last night). I had to make several stops in town today but half way through my errand marathon the girls began wailing for snacks. Oh no, I forgot the diaper bag at home! It's a snackastrophy! Dear Lord, please don't let anyone poo! They also made it a goal to rearrange the house by moving all of their toys out of their bedroom and into the living room. All of this happened while I was trying to make a healthy home cooked meal. Abby just emptied an entire box of Kleenex onto the couch after being placed in timeout for playing with the remote control, and Bree has been crying inconsolably since dinner. I totally lost my temper, yelled at the girls, which just made things worse so I have officially placed myself in a time out for the sake of the family. On top of all that Matt just called to let me know his has to work late. Geesh! I feel like the poor people in the KIA commercial that can't seem to remember what side of the car their gas tank is on but they keep trying anyway. Satan is definetly trying to get me to give up. So this is what I will do, and with hope and a prayer, I will keep trying and maybe, just maybe I will get it right by bedtime. Ok- deep breath- time for the girls to get in the bath! Have a great weekend everybody! Thank goodness tomorrow will be a brand new day...

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