Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don’t you just love a good book?

If I could, I would park myself on a comfy chair and read a book, start to finish, in one sitting. Well that is what I do almost every Monday and Tuesday night after the girls are in bed. You see, this year our church is reading a book of the Bible a week and then Pastor Lee preaches on that book on Sunday. We are given a reading outline to follow throughout the week but I can’t seem to stop until I have finished the entire book. The Old Testament is so fascinating that I just can’t get enough of it!
This week we are in the book of Esther. It is one of my favorite books because it is so much like the Christian novels that I love to devour. Drama, power, romance, intrigue-this is the stuff of which best-selling noves are made right? But Esther is a true story! I admire Ether’s character and her courage but I can also relate to her life (well sort-of).
God has a purpose for the situations in which He places us. He has placed each of us in our present situation to serve Him. That is exactly why God placed adoption on our hearts… to serve Him. God was working behind the scenes throughout our entire journey. Like Esther it involved risking our security but it also taught us a great lesson. We had to be willing to let God be our ultimate security. Serving God often demands that we risk our own security to serve others with care and concern. Are you willing to let God be your ultimate security? Trust Him, He will bless you beyond measure.
I would like to encourage you to read or re-read the book of Esther. Maybe even enjoy a great movie this week called One Night With the King. I loved what Steven Isaac said in his review for Plugged In Online. ‘“For such a time as this," Mordecai tells Esther. And in both small and big ways, the same applies to those today who love God and are called according to His purpose. That's powerful, encouraging, spiritually beautiful stuff. And it's great to see it on the big screen.’


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