Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where oh where have I been?

Do you hear that?
I'm pretty sure you can actually hear crickets on my blog porch right now.
In case you were wondering, the answer is no.
My computer didn't crash.
I didn't close up shop.
I didn't spend time in the looney bin.
I was, however, juggling those busy summer days with our girls.
We had a crazy hectic schedule
which required amazing mamma “skilz”,
and quite often feats of strength with a bit of sheer faith to get through the days...
and maybe just a little bit of lazy summerdayitis.
People blame seasons for allergies so why not blame them for absences?
Although this ol' blog porch has gathered quite a few cobwebs,
I have been right there for my sweety and our two precious girls - who aren’t staying little for long.
So, while I know I should feel horribly guilty
(and sometimes I do)
I am not going to say I'm sorry.
I just won't do it.
Okay, but seriously...look at this face:
"Sorry, baby girl, but mamma can't play princess with you
because she has to post on her blog,
share with Facebook what I ate for breakfast and what I may or may not eat for lunch and dinner
and answer 823 emails."


Wrong answer.

See what I mean? You say no to that face! :)
In all seriousness though,
I have had fantastic time with my family this summer
and thank you for stopping by for a visit...
I plan on chillin’ with ya’ll on my blog porch more often.

One Lazy Chinobilly Mamma

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