Saturday, May 15, 2010

A journey of a thousand tiles: Part 3

Step 3: Remove A LOT of glue
This was the most time consuming step. Partly due to the beating Matt took in ripping up the wood with that crazy hammer gizmo. (His hands were numb for days)

My hands were numb from using a teeny tiny razor blade to scrape up all the glue. If you squint and look really hard at the lower right corner of the picture above you may see said teeny tiny razor. Ouch! I cringe looking at it! 

Then Matt brought this beauty home. (Yes, it takes us a few "go-rounds" before we figure things out)
This scraper and some magical chemicals made everything right with the world again.

Thank goodness that leg of the journey is behind us!

"A journey of a thousand tiles begins with a thousand and one nerve endings in your fingers dying a slow.painful.death."

Jenn, The Chinobilly Mamma
Chinobilly philosopher (not to be confused with Lao-tzu~Chinese philosopher)

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