Monday, November 2, 2009


Some Day Her Prince Will Come

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I was just browsing through a bunch of photos from the summer and found these little gems. I had to scrapbook these because they make me smile every time I look at them. Our yard is taken over by toads during the summer. They love our pond and it becomes quite the gathering place once the sun goes down. *wink It is our tradition to let the kids catch toads for a bit each evening to run off that last bit of energy. They both love it but Bree started a NEW tradition of kissing all the toads goodnight. Nothing would stop her.


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Abby wasn't so much into kissing the toads but she did love to name them. Her favorite one she named squeekers. He was the only one that would make a funny little squeaking sound when he was held. Abby would delight in holding the toad up to my ear and ask me what he was saying. I'd make up silly things like "he wants some anchovy pizza" and she'd just giggle and giggle. I love these memories and I'm thankful God has allowed me to be their mommy!


Stephanie said...

Aw! That is so adorable. I love that story and the anchove pizza bit made me laugh too! Hope all is well, even with the froggies gone for the summer. Miss you all!

debby94 said...

How cute! Kids are the best, aren't they? (Most of the time that is!)