Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting It All Together: Mid Day Routine

Welcome to day 3 of building our binders. This will be a pretty light day for me since my mid-day routine varies so much. Truthfully I didn’t even have one written out, until today. If you would like to print mine out you can do so here. It would seem that once my morning routine is completed we just tend to follow our daily schedule/plan which I will post next week. I have a general structure such as when I would like for the kids to eat, nap, etc. but other than that we’ve just been doing what feels good. Now that everyone around us is getting back into school mode I will probably add more structure to our day with picking up where we left off in our preschool work.
So here is a little assignment for you to be thinking about. Back in the “good ol’ days” even June Cleaver had a basic weekly routine. Though times have changed many of us still know what day we are going to do certain things. You might remember seeing my laundry schedule on the morning routines for example. I’m sure you have a certain day you like to grocery shop or run errands, pay bills. Maybe you have specific days you take the kids somewhere or have a date with your spouse. Maybe you regularly attend church or a bible study group. These are the things to be filling in the blanks.
Here is where I would start.
Take out a sheet of notebook paper and write out the days of the week down the left side of the paper leaving plenty of room for your notes. Then fill out a main task you complete on specific days.
I will share my basic weekly plan with you next week so you will have plenty of time to be brainstorming/collecting your thoughts.

Now, the weeds are taunting me in the garden so I'm gonna go show 'em who's boss!
Wish me luck :)


Stephanie said...

Yay for thought collecting time! I think a 6 1/2 hour drive should do it! I look forward to seeing you all at library. I have enjoyed getting to see you every week at study time and I can feel the withdrawls already. Have a great day!

Prairie Chick said...

mmmm... I just LOVE routines!!! I'm almost obsessed with them. They bring me such peace and sanity =D So proud of you for sorting your life into priorities and tackling it with gusto!!